Leap Day

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Leap Day was created as our exclusive Vogue Knitting Live! Seattle colorway, but due to its popularity we've decided to keep it as a signature color of hope, renewal, and resilience. Its mix of turquoise, greens, and sea blues invokes a calming sensation that's just what we need in these trying times.

Listing is for one skein per item. 

As with all our yarns, we recommend alternating skeins as colors may vary from skein to skein, even in the same dye lot. 

We take care to ensure white balance is accurate and colors are represented appropriately in photographing our materials, but colors may still vary slightly from screen to screen. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. 

Certain colors may rinse out a bit in the first wash. This is normal, and it is safe to rinse down the drain.