Cyanotype Project Tote Bags

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Made using heavy-duty canvas, these project bags each feature a unique, individually made cyanotype print on cotton that is sewn onto the tote.

The raw hem is intentional, but secured with Fray-Check to ensure no added fray occurs. 

Tote bag dimensions are 16"x4"x13" with an inner 4"x6" inside pocket. 

Use them for shopping, to carry your fiber projects, or as an everyday bag. With this handcrafted tote, you're sure to stand out! 


Listing is for one bag.   

We take care to ensure white balance is accurate and colors are represented appropriately in photographing our materials, but colors may still vary slightly from screen to screen. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. 

Tote is not intended to be machine-washed; spot clean only.