A Little History of Autism

TLDR: Autism and ADD/ADHD were only first recognized about 100 years ago. Generally, mental health and psychiatry is about the same age. That’s only 3 generations from first observation to what we currently know. There’s buttloads left to categorize and even more to develop in terms of assistance and treatment. So what we know is limited and what we don’t know is vast. 

Hello From Your Friendly Autistic Maker

This has been a long pandemic for everyone, but the return to society is what scares me. Suddenly the prospect of my son’s vaccinations, instead of bringing relief and joy, paralyzes me…

Because I’m an undiagnosed autistic woman.

The truth is I’ve been in various hermitic stages from puberty. Internet and social media allowed me to interact with people from the security of my own home. It took masking to a new level. “Real” interaction with other people compounds my 35 years of trauma, drains me of self-worth, and dumps the shriveled lump that’s left on a dirty curb with...